Noel  Coward was born in Teddington   Middlesex in 1899.

First stage appearance at the age of 11 and – as the saying goes – never looked back since!

Covered all aspects of show business.  Actor, writer, composer, director, producer, and in later life painter.

Became Sir Noel in 1970 and to some an even greater accolade had a theatre named after him in 2006.   The Noel Coward theatre  in St Martin’s Lane.

Besides being known for his  plays, songs,  musicals and revues he was very well known for his witticisms.

Noel Coward

He wrote a letter to Aircraftsman T E Shaw  No 338171 (Lawrence of Arabia) and knowing the diffident shyness of the man Coward began his letter “ Dear 338171 ..or may I call you 338….
he had a home in Jamaica and when asked “Does the sun shine all the time in Jamaica “ () he replied   “Never at night”
To a reporter who asked “ Have you anything to say to The Star?”  His reply was “Twinkle twinkle”

There is even a book on his sayings!!

THE HUMOUR OF NOEL COWARD is a celebration of his work.  Gordon has chosen some of his funniest songs – he doesn’t do romance – and combined with anecdotes about the Master has produced a humourous and loving tribute to a man “who did it all and did it his way”.  To quote once again “I am an enormously talented man and there is no point  in denying  it”