Let me introduce myself - I'm Max.

Gordon Peters is a friend and fellow thespian. In plain English we are a couple of entertainers that have much in common. We could be classed as "common entertainers".

We both learned our trade the hard way, in provincial theatres, summer seasons, pantomimes, almost anywhere that could pay us enough to keep the wolf from the door.

We were cheered by audiences, recieved standing ovations, we have walked off stage at the end of our act and heard our own footsteps.
Max Bygraves

We both knew the times when landladies charged us only £5 for a week's lodging with three meals thrown in - we have been knocked for our wages by unscrupulous agents - found it hard to find the price of a stamp to write home etc, etc.

Before the band strike up "hearts and flowers" we have the other side of the coin - that is friendship, admiration, laughter from fellow artistes that is enviable, lasting and cherished.

Gordon is one of these. Funny, hardworking and reliable. I have seen him rocking an audience with his brand of original humour. All that early work I was telling you about is there for all to see as it comes over the footlights or cabaret floor. You can't buy it - you have to live it.

I am flattered to pen these few lines as an intro to a most entertaining book, as convivial as the man himself.
To my friend Gordon Peters - cheers.
Max Bygraves

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