Gordon Peters
Gordon Peters actor and entertainer
Comedy Tonite
Gordon has been collecting comic songs
for most of his time in show business. and thats a long time.
One was suggested to him on the high seas about a gentleman named Izzy.
Back home he researched with this scanty info and found a very
funny song IS MR IZZY ILL, IS HE, IS.HE?
Another occassion Max Wall (who at that time wanted to promote Gordon) passed
on to him a great song BACK ANSWERS - a Rob Wilton classic.
Another came his way when he bought a funny parody on Christopher Robin
for 3 guineas. Yes its old but just as funny today.
Join Gordon Peters as he serves up a cocktail of hilarious comedy songs, some old, some new, nothing borrowed, nothing blue – well a bit saucy maybe!

“we enjoyed a show with no swearing, lots of innuendo and a generous helping of bawdy” M Burgess

“oh how we loved the informality, the sheer joy of an evening belonging to the distant past where everyone contributed to the event and the fun was innocent and joyful”
J Kennedy, Guildford
Contact Gordon on 0208 399 2915 or email gordon@gordonpeters.co.uk
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